December 4th, 2007, 12:09 am

Well Well, a new update?

Ok, well as you all know I've been working on the comic in my down time. What you don't know is that because of work I haven't been working on it near enough to even post anything if I wanted to. Just recently I've had the opportunity to change jobs, and have been given enough free time to pick up the SOnic saga again. This time perhaps, I'll not only get something done, but perhaps even finsh the comic. I'm working in flash on several things at once, and all I can promise is that this will be a season to not only kick ass but make people talk. I am hesitant to post anything aside from the new ending however because I want to redo the site first. As this has been especailly painful in the past, I am trying to do so other people. In other words, I'm looking for a webmaster. I need someone who can work in HTML or has enough experiance with SJ that they can make whatever I can draw. Either way, don't expect any new comis up soon. However I'm almost done with the ending flash to properly close off the season, so maybe it will be done this week end. However EXPECT ME TO FINISH THE COMIC. I'm not soo big of a jerk I'd leave you guys hanging ;) so keep checking back, and thanks to many of you for staying with us/me all this time.

If you've been with us since day one, you'll know the last ones didn't do too terribly much. Well I can't do this all on my own, so I'm going to need at least one dedicated soul willing to take orders from me, and who isn't too shabby with a Sonic Gen sprite. All applicants are welcome, and only need contact me by any means to get the position.

Well till next week CYA!


Delia Hardy (Guest), November 12th, 2008, 11:29 pm

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